building a log cabin

My first log cabin!

(I'll try really hard not to fill this post with puns of building a cabin with my bare hands, cutting down fabric, and sawing logs beneath the blanket -- I'm sure you're thankful for my restraint)

It's still just a quilt top (hmm, a familiar story). Not sure what I'll do for the back quite yet. It'll be a square quilt for a little tyke to play on.

I didn't go for the typical dark/pale contrast, but rather a colour contrast. Maybe my blue/yellow stripes would have been more obvious had I not used that strong orange, but since I just love that orange fabric I don't really mind.

The blue fabric in the middle is the nostalgic pattern that inspired this whole quilt. It reminds me of my sweet grandparents -- her apron and his pajamas.

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Ada said...

This is beautiful! I wish I were the tyke who gets to play on it. I love the contrast and the way the blue makes it's way across it.