a project for my juniper buttons

When we were traveling in Estonia, I picked up several of these beautifully smooth, aromatic juniper buttons. They smell so good.

And now I've found a purpose for three of them: look pretty on my new pillow.

Since the buttons were too big for my buttonhole attachment, I just sewed them on as decoration. The case is a basic envelope with overlapping pieces for the front, which are fastened together with Velcro.

I only wish I had a better head for figuring out what size pieces I'll need. When I got frustrated that my first two front pieces butted up against perfectly (when they were supposed to overlap), Jeff helpfully reminded me that a person's supposed measure three times before cutting. Yeah, but if I goof the original calculation, then what?

I think the answer is to just learn from my mistakes, "wasting" time and fabric as required.


Glenda said...

You're not 'wasting' anything if you learn something from the experience! :) Just call it an exercise in pushing the pre-existing boundaries and thinking out side the pillow case. I mean box.

kat said...

Oh that happens to me all the time. I always blame it on the fabric ;)

meg said...

scented buttons! who knew?!