egg votives for easter

(ready for their wicks to be cut)

I guess I have a weakness for melted wax.

I had so much fun pouring it into tea cups, I jumped at the chance to pour it into eggshells. I can't take credit for the idea -- this stroke of genius comes from the Martha Stewart archives.

Here's the scoop...

Use the end of a knife to turn a small hole in the top of the egg

Carefully widen the hole and pour out the yolks and whites, reserving them for an eggy dish
(I made a quiche -- I'll post the recipe soon)

Wash out the eggshells well and remove the inner membrane, if you feel like it

Dye the eggs (I used a bath of food colouring, vinegar and water) and let them dry on a piece of foam core stuck with tons of pins (another Marthonian good thing)

Put a piece of wicking in a wick sustainer and just try to get it to stand up straight.
Pour the wax and watch it set. Trim back wicks before lighting.

Pretty cool, huh! Our Easter table will be trรจs festive this year.

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Anonymous said...

These are so cute! What a good idea.