lo snack: yogurt with berries and toasted hazelnuts

In Italy, they say lo snack. No kidding. The Italian language, like any modern language, imports words, and often the words take the article 'lo'... I guess, to make it more Italian sounding. Lo scooter. Lo stress. Lo snack. Well I, for one, got a kick out of asking for lo snack.

And since we're on a bit of a travelogue... the origin of today's featured snack is from my time in New Zealand. While I was there, I lived as a WWOOFer (I knew it as 'willing workers on organic farms' but the organization has apparently changed its acronym to 'world wide opportunities on organic farms') for a while on Banks Peninsula. Between chopping firewood and tending the gardens, I learned a few food tricks from my host, who was an amazing neighborhood gossip and chef.

Her style was kind of rustic French -- lots of whole foods served on wooden cutting boards. Delicious. Before the steaks seared with fresh blackberries and maple syrup, and loaves upon loaves of bread, she served me this picturesque treat for breakfast: a bowl of warm berries, a bowl of cold plain yogurt, and a handful of freshly toasted hazelnuts, rolling around on a wooden board with a cloth cocktail napkin tucked under a tarnished silver spoon. I felt like a queen.

To recreate this simple but tasty fare, heat a small handful of frozen berries (I use my handy microwave) and top with yogurt, plain or vanilla. Meanwhile, quickly toast a handful of hazelnuts under the broiler. Pour nuts over yogurt and buon appetito!

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