not your average mushy peas

I think it's so funny that 'mushy' is used to describe food. 'Mushy peas' just sounds so unappetizing. But no longer. By adding mint and parmesan, your frozen peas become respectable and delectable!

This great idea comes from Donna Hay. I can't remember what book it's from...The Instant Cook? New Food Fast maybe? Sorry, can't remember.

Truth be told, I usually make this without the mint. Only in the summer time do I ever have mint on hand. And if it's summer time, I'm too busy enjoying fresh corn on the cob, lettuce from the farmers' markets, and crazy beautiful heirloom tomatoes to be bothered with frozen peas. But since those days are far, far away, this excellent recipe for mushy peas will do me fine.

(minty) mushy peas
serves 4

3 cups frozen peas
2/3 C chicken stock
a bit of butter
black pepper
2 Tbs chopped mint leaves
2 Tbs freshly grated parmesan cheese

Put peas and stock in saucepan over medium heat and cook, covered, for about 5 minutes or so, until the peas are soft and the broth is steamy. Remove from heat and roughly mash with the butter. Stir in mint and parmesan and add pepper to taste.

I love serving this in little ramekins -- they keep the peas warm longer and the stock can't run away. And for some reason, folks seem impressed by little servings of things.


Ada said...

Yum! I've got some peas waiting for a chance to be consumed. This will be a good way to take them out and dress them up.

Glenda said...

Mushy peas are not just a description, they're a food unto themselves! Best eaten at Fish & Chip shops by the English sea side (alas, no longer wrapped in newspaper because of the toxicity of newsprint!), alongside a piece of yummy, fresh, beer battered fish, and a huge plate of chips! :)