playing decorator

Help! I don't know curtains and would like some more opinions.

In the baby's room we have a window (glass blocks) into the building's main hallway so there's always light coming in. We have venetian blinds to block most of the light, and heavy red corduroy curtains to darken the room entirely at night.

Question is, should I hem the curtains? The point of the curtains is to darken the room so they'll always be a bit 'heavy', just wondering if they're too heavy and formal... or whether the hemmed version makes it look even sillier.

Here are the options.

As is:

Or hemmed:

What's your vote?

**Thanks guys! Jeff agrees with you. Long it is!


Glenda said...

I like them to the floor - just as long as they're not going to melt on the baseboard heaters. :)

Ada said...

I second that sentiment. Long and strong, baby.