I made a toy!

First, let me set the scene. The babe just went down for a nap, Jeff and I were going to get into the spring-cleaning (our weekend project that most people get to in...well, spring), and I got an idea. Ribbons!

You see, the babe really digs tags of all sorts, getting her little finger going back and forth, back and forth, over them. So she's in the zone for ribbons. Remember this project? This is the easy one-hour version of that lovely softie. A chewy, cushy square of fabric with lots of ribbons that little fingers can poke into (and promptly put into little mouth.)

So while my sweet husband washed the floor (on his hands and knees, people!), I got to cut ribbons, pick out fabric, and whip this out before the babe woke up.

I tell ya, some days, the little things just make you feel like a million bucks. Today, it was being able to act on that creative burst of energy the moment it happened. Not writing it down on a list for later, but making and doing that very minute. What a kick.

It's a 'sew right-sides together and turn right-side out' kind of project, with the ribbons folded and sandwiched between the layers.

And when she woke up, she knew just what to do.

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