ice cream sandwiches

Jeff's birthday is right around the corner so I had a great excuse to make ice cream sandwiches.

I used this Martha recipe for the chocolate cookies and spread half with vanilla and half with mint chip ice cream. Yum!

I've made these twice before -- little Christmas trees with green mint ice cream for the holidays and hearts with strawberry ice cream for Valentine's Day -- but this is the first time that I've made them in summer. Because who associates ice cream and summer, right?

And while we're on the subject of summer treats...

Isn't frozen fruit great?! Definitely less labour intensive than homemade ice cream sandwiches, and it's just so refreshing. I love frozen cherries, mango, and peaches. Oooh, and chocolate-dipped bananas! Man, it's been a long time since I've had those.

This frozen pineapple looks good too. Note to self: gotta get some pineapple and try that.

The other treat we've had this summer is homemade fudgesicles. Frozen Jello chocolate pudding -- you know, the kind from a little box -- works great in freezer pop trays. And sometimes a fudgesicle totally hits the spot.

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Ada said...

Pretty and delicious? How can you go wrong?