knitting for babies

A knitting bug recently bit me again.

I got all ravelry-crazed the other day and put a ton of projects in my queue. Since it will take me a lifetime to knit my way through said queue, I figured the best thing for me to do was to jump right in on a new project and definitely ignore the half-finished ones decomposing hibernating in my closet.

I started with this quick and cute cabled bib (free ravelry download.) Next up? The little sister's dress in kelly green.

Jeff isn't buying the 'there's a knitting bug' defense so I'm not sure what I can blame for my splurge on two knitting books. Maybe when he sees just how adorable the toys I can make out of itty-bitty toys are, he'll gladly keep going to work and allow me a life of knitting leisure.

Anyway, if you're interested in adding some baby knits to your own queue, head on over to Whip Up's recent list of tutorials. So many sweet sweaters, so little time.

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