b.y.o. bamboo

I'm stoked about these b.y.o.b.s!

They are simple utensil rolls for bamboo knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks, plus a napkin. But I made them while a baby slept in the next room! Are you finding a common theme in all my sewing-related posts? Apparently I still can't believe I manage to complete a project.

I wanted to make these for a few friends that go camping and grab take-out a lot. The blue one is already given away, and the matching set are waiting around here until Christmas.

The utensils are shorter than average so the carrier measures about 7 x 10." For the basic design, I consulted Lotta Jansdotter's pattern for picnic placemats (Doh! I've made two sets of those, but gave them away before taking any pictures.)

There's one small extra piece that I'm working on for the xmas set. I got a couple of these half-spoon, half-fork spork thingies and I'm going to make a tiny matching pouch for them. I'm imagining a little grommet at the top with a carabiner for easy transport, but we'll see how they turn out. Stay tuned.

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