quick refashion

I've taken my seam ripper to a fair number of baby clothes this year -- removing an itchy label or cheesy applique, and doing minor refashions such as this. This little collar was just a little too cutsie for us.

Better, no?

Baby clothes are funny. I'm coming to the conclusion that most clothing companies think there needs to be a cartoon bear or pastel heart plastered on the front of an otherwise cute shirt to make it suitable for a kid. Hey, I know someday this little babe of mine will probably want nothing but pink, hearts, and flowers. But until then, I'm trying to keep the cutsie to a minimum and outfit her in simple, modern, and comfortable. You know, adult clothes in miniature with fun, kiddie fabrics.

Maybe I shouldn't try to define what I think is cute and what is too cute -- it's feeling a bit like trying to define my taste in jewelry. I'll know what I like when I see it!

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Glenda said...

Should I knit a grandpa cardigan for Roma? Just to keep the cutesy levels under control?