stitch markers

There are some things I just can't bring myself to buy. I don't like to pay good money for an item for which I'm certain there's a free alternative I just haven't thought of yet. This is why I didn't own any stitch markers for my knitting. Whenever I needed markers, I cut up bits of scrap yarn and made do.

But who was I kidding? Those scraps were annoying. Coming unraveled and untied.

I was about to break down and purchase proper stitch markers, but then I remembered my jewelry-making stash and bought silver split rings instead (like mini key rings.) New silver rings + old beads = stitch markers.

So yes, I did end up paying money for something, but supplies are different than the actual item, right? Anyway, now I have 50 rings to make all the stitch markers a gal could ever want.

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