happy valentine's day

We all have a rebellious period in our teens. Part of my rejection of the establishment was turning my back on Valentine's Day, claiming it was only a "Hallmark holiday" (extreme words for a teenager, I know), but I eventually grew up and out of that bitter phase.

Now, Valentine's Day takes me back to the days when I literally put my heart into someone's paper heart. Remember when we were schoolchildren and Valentine's Day was all about heart-shaped paper pockets taped to the sides of our desks, pink and red candies, chocolate, having a safe excuse to tell crushes you liked them, asking them if they would "be mine," butterflies in our stomachs, and heartache? I'm so thankful that it's still about the same stuff (except maybe better-quality chocolate) and that I'm "mature" enough to handle the giddiness of it all.

And now for my close-ups...

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