origami CD cover

I saw how to make these CD covers from a post on the Craftster forum. Since I can't stand those plastic jewel cases, I was happy to learn how to make these little envelopes -- and they're fun to personalize.

Here are lots o' picts on how to make your own...

Start with a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper --
you could try other fun papers or wrapping papers too

Fold in each side, lengthwise, towards the center.
Then, fold up the bottom quarter to the paper's mid-point.

Unfold the bottom quarter and fold back its edges, creating triangles...

here's a close-up

Next, refold the bottom quarter up to the mid-point, and
tuck in the flaps behind those triangles. Now you have a pocket for the CD...

Finally, to help tuck the cover into the pocket, fold small triangles on the opposite end.

Voila! A perfectly-tucked little envelope for my new tunes.

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Anonymous said...

love the idea!