toques for twins

Jeff's co-worker is having twins. I can't imagine how one goes about preparing for welcoming twins into the world, but I figured a couple little toques can't hurt. Besides, her baby shower crept up on us, and I only had a day and a half to make something (make that two things!)

I wish I'd had loads more time, 'cause knitting for twins would be fun -- "A" and "B" blankets, two-tone booties, mini 'blu jeans' and cargo pants...

Oh well. I suppose I should be working anyway.


Glenda said...

work, shmurk... it really is highly overrated! good to see you're still getting some knitting in though - just think of it as time to collect your thoughts before moving on to the next piece of writing. :)

what yarn did you use for the toques? they're really cute!

see you in a couple o' weekends!


Tippy said...

thanks glenda! I used some marino wool I had in my stash -- a nice gender-neutral selection since the babes' sexes aren't yet known (though I'm in on the office betting pool, and I've got 10 bucks that says they are boys).