plum pullover

I knit a sweater for me.

So what, you ask? Well, after 11 years of knitting, I finally knit something for me that doesn't go around my neck or on my head. A sweater, people. A bonafide, adult-sized sweater. I'm feeling proud -- and plum.

It's the oatmeal pullover pattern (available on etsy too). The pattern required some math to fit me and my gauge, but thanks to Glenda, my sweater fits! And the yarn, Cascade Eco+, is a dream to work with.

My favorite part is the neckline. (Feeling a bit funny about modeling the sweater for ya'll, but since you can't really tell anything about a sweater until you see it on someone, it was either me or Jeff.)

And finally, it's time for a confession: I already bought the wool for another sweater pour moi. It'll be green and cable-y.

I know what you're thinking -- watch out, this could become a terribly time-consuming addiction. But I'm not too worried. I know that deep down (well, not that deep) I'm too impatient to stick with these sorts of big projects for long. I like my knitting satisfaction to come quick n' easy.

But maybe just one more for me...


Ada said...

You, my dear, are a knittin' machine!! It's loverly.

Allison said...

Your plum pullover is so pretty!

I understand what you mean about sweater addiction. I'm finishing my first (tea leaves) and am already on the hunt for the next pattern. The oatmeal pullover is definitely in the running, though Rusted Root might win because I could wear it in summer.

Tiffany said...

Thanks ladies!

Allison, the tea leaves has been on my list for a while. Are you happy with yours?