royal mussels and fries

For my brother, eating like a king means daily breakfast meats. You know, bacon, sausage and the like (although really, what else is there besides bacon?)

And it's got me thinking about what food -- however simple -- makes me feel like I'm living high on the hog.

I think I've figured it out. Good quality seafood.

I'm not sure why mussels feels like an extravagance for us when, for 9 dollars total, we each get a huge bowl of mussels. But it does feel indulgent -- and we feel like kings.

Throughout this entire meal of simply prepared mussels with french fries and mustard mayo and some roasted veggies, both Jeff and I couldn't stop ooing and ahhhing, loudly enjoying each bite, and filling the space between bites with declarations of never moving far from the ocean.

If you could bottle the ocean (I mean, obviously that would be quite easy but I'm talking about essence of that salty air) in a bite, that would be these mussels, cooked in white wine, butter, garlic and onion. It's almost too simple.

And the best pairings? French fries and mustard mayo for dipping. Hands down. It will take you on a trip to France before you've even had a moment to think about what to pack. We enjoyed ours with a Duvel beer -- a Belgian for the full experience.

This is from Gourmet, so I'll just send you on over for the recipe.

Pssst, Glenda. Don't make this at home. Just come over to our house on Saturday night!

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Glenda said...

Mmmm! I wondered if this was a preview of what we'll have on Saturday! :)

and just so you know, I bottled the ocean once - two days later is smelled terrible!